The Concrete Boat Project

Redling Fine Art, Malibu, California, 2009

Concrete Boat Seminar

“The University of Trash”
The Sculpture Center, Queens, NY

Forms in the Realm of Time

Laure Genillard, London

House Beautiful

Adamski Gallery, Berlin, 2007

Case 111.1-8

A for Alibi, De Appel, Amsterdam, 2007

Homes for German Sculpture

Ideal City, Invisible Cities, Zamos / Potsdam, 2006

The Central Library Project

The Central Library, KUL, Leuven, 2005

Mourning High Quality Bad Luck

Galerie Adamski, Aachen, 2005

To My Child-Friend

Galerie Adamski, Aachen, 2003/4

Here Between There

Galerie Adamski, Aachen, 2002