This is an “elemental research” category page. It outlines interests around a specific topic. The links at the bottom lead to mostly photographic documentation of experiments and projects that touch on the topic.


Elemental —> Light

This is a study in time:

Richard Feynman,
Probability and Uncertainty – The Quantum Mechanical View of Nature
Cornell University, 1964
Richard Feynman
Photons – Corpuscles of Light
The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures
University of Auckland, 1979

Research associated with Light:

Color: Taxonomy: Elemental —> Light —> Color Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur …
Color: Taxonomy: Elemental —> Light —> Color Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur …
Color: Taxonomy: Elemental —> Light —> Optics Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur …
Photography: Taxonomy: Elemental —> Light —> Photography (Analog) photography is the place where …
Cyanotype: Taxonomy: Elemental —> Light —> Photography —> Cyanotype The 4,000-year-old process involved …
Photography—Gum Bichromate
Gum BiChromate: Taxonomy: Elemental —> Light —> Photography —> Gum Bichromate Lorem ipsum …
Photograms: Taxonomy: Elemental —> Light —> Photography —> Photograms Lorem ipsum dolor sit …
Luneburg Lens
Part of Avalanche Dynamics
Ice Lens
Part of Avalanche Dynamics All images of Ice Lens Research/Process [gallery ids="4728,4729,4730,4731,4732,4733,4734,4735,4736,4737,4738,4739,4740,4741,4742,4743,4744,4745,4746,4747,4748,4749,4750,4751,4752,4753,4754,4755,4756,4757,4758,4759,4760,4761,4762,4763,4764,4765,4766,4767,4768,4769,4770,4771,4772,4773,4774,4775,4776,4777,4781,4782,4783,4784,4785,4786,4787,4788,4789,4791,4792,4793,4794,4795,4796,4797,4799,4800,4801,4802,4803,4804,4805,4806,4807,4808,4809,4810,4811,4812,4813,4814,4816,4817,4818,4819,4820,4821,4822,4823,4824,4825,4826,4827,4828,4829,4830,4831,4833,4834,4835,4836,4837,4838,4839,4840,4841,4842,4843,4844,4845,4846,4848,4849,4850,4851,4852,4853,4854,4855,4856,4857,4858,4859,4860,4861,4862,4863,4864,4865,4866,4867,4868,4869,4870,4871,4872,4873,4874,4875,4876,4877,4878,4879,4880,4881,4882,4883,4884,4885,4886,4887,4888,4889,4890,4891,4892,4893,4894,4895,4896,4897,4898,4899,4900,4901,4902,4903,4904,4905" layout="tiles" …
The Central Library Project
The Central Library, KUL, Leuven, 2005