Istanbul and Bodrum, Turkey
Summer 2011

Hi Brian,
I just talked to Xila (Sheila) Matthews who did most of the reconstruction of the Glass Wreck hull and more recently has been involved in the excavation and recording of the Byzantine ships discovered at Yenikapi in Istanbul. She mentioned to me that one thing which might interest you is the three dimensional images she has of several of the Yenikapi hulls. She works at the Institute so you could meet her there (but she is away for gym classes sometimes – so call first). Her cell phone number is 532-4179543.
It was fun to spend the evening with you and Mary……I’m glad you made it home without any problems!
Remind me when you return to Istanbul so that before that we can do a boatyard trip.

I spend an evening with Don Frey and his wife, Suzanne, over which they recount their lives in Bodrum, which has transformed from a village of 2,000 to its current status as a summer tourist mecca with a year-round population of nearly 35,000 inhabitants. In the morning I return to the INA while additional tests cure. The Institute now feels more tangibly about the lives of those who work here than ancient history. 

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